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Getting Started with Bitcoin Betting. Wanna chat All bets on local book or Heritage Sports WNBA How come the spread is so big?. Is there a subreddit that evolves around betting on NBA games? I've been completely obsessed with basketball for the past year, I think I I don't have a bookie but I keep track of lines on a spreadsheet and see how I do. Getting Started with Bitcoin Betting r/ NBA - NBA ; r/CollegeBasketball - College Basketball ; r/Baseball - MLB; r/sports - Sports; r/sportsdiscuss - Sports . The line started @ in Dallas favor now +1 is someone injured?. nba betting line reddit wnba


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Nba betting line reddit wnba - com nfl

Hope you do. Clenched my butt for the last 2 minutes of the game. Celebrities are still welcomed to post here, people just cannot request for them to do so.


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